There's nothing wrong with me, I swear! I'm just - a little shaken
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chat, okay?

(( It is that one silly :3 I thought we were talking about modernish powerups. Were we just talking about 3D World?! :O ))



I haven’t played 3D World unfortunately! No Wii U… So a lot of the stuff I know about it is from secondhand stuff weh so I wasn’t sure what you were referring to omfg ))

(( Cloud Mario’s my favourite out of all the newer ones :) But kitty suit is pretty cute! Especially when they meow! x3 ))


if u say the neko suit isn’t the best suit ur wrong

((I’M NOT COOL. And hello from the other corner! I’m too nervous to talk to anybody.))

(( Awwwww! You can totally talk to me, I’m so chill I’m like ice.

… Sort of. Maybe.

Okay maybe not like ice, but I’m pretty chill. Like, I basically love everything. ))

((Psh, I’m not gonna leave or go hiatus over this. Although I am pretty peeved over the fact that he sent hate to one of my buddies on here. Also its good that everybody knows what the mun is like outside of his characters.))

(( I hope not! I like having you guys around, you’re all cool!

I guess I’m just that weird person in the corner who’s all like ‘I wanna interact with all you guys wah’. ))

I wish the people weren’t leaving because of this drama!

I understand the hiatuses, but awww, I wanna interact with you! You’re all so great let me touch your faces.


Mario’s heart lightened as he returned Luigi’s smile. Thank the power stars, he was kidding! Feeling a bit foolish, Mario scratched the back of his head as he nodded in silent agreement to his bro.

"Hey, Luigi…" Mario started, placing a hand on the alternate bro’s shoulder. "We’ll find them, don’t lose hope… We’ve been reunited across whole galaxies and dimensions, nothing keeps the dream team apart for long!"

Mario understood that loneliness, after all, Luigi was the only family he had. Sure, he had always put up that positive exterior, but he had his own worries and anxieties that he had to deal with. The fate of the entire multi-verse being on his shoulders at times can really stress out even the strongest of individuals, but being the good big brother he is, he felt like he needed to keep his brother’s spirits up and always stay positive for his sake. To reassure him. He had to be brave for his friends and especially his family, the pressure at times feeling overwhelming for the poor plumber, but in a way, it helped him combat his own fears as well.

"We’ll find them, but until then, we all just gotta stick together and stay strong. Okie-dokie?"

Ordinarily, a simple reassurance from his big bro would warrant nothing but a short pause, a nod, and an enthusiastic ‘okie-dokie!’ in response. After all, Mario had reassured him plenty of times before! And after the adventures they had been on, he knew he could trust an alternate. There was even an alternate who knew some of the complexity of what he had to go through at the moment — and Luigi knew that he had to go and talk to his own about that when he saw him again. That wasn’t a conversation he was looking forward to, but he knew it was a burden that Mario could take on his shoulders.

That reassurance wasn’t so simple, though, when he was running off of such little sleep, and ‘staying strong’ was getting pretty hard by the day. And when it’d been such a long while now since he’d had Mario say that, with his hand on his shoulder… Perhaps his reaction could be seen as extreme, but it was the only one that he could give right now. He was already giving himself reason to call himself a leaky faucet with his eyes leaking, and he sniffed, body shaking a bit. Instantly he realized how silly he was being and he raised his palms to his eyes, rubbing at them in a vain attempt at trying to stop himself from crying.

"… Y-yuh-huh…" He tried to manage a smile through it. "Yeah. Okie… Okie-dokie." That didn’t come off nearly as confident as he’d hoped it would have.


"Sounds like my kinda place. I mean, I’ve heard you guys have a few mishaps every now and again but what world doesn’t?" 


"Consider it on my bucket list then. With the way I travel I’m bound t’ run int’ him sooner or later. Might take a while but it’s gonna happen. So what do you guys do? ‘Sides the plumber thing, anyway."

"Oh, yeah, especially the Pi’illo Kingdom," Luigi spoke up eagerly. "Lots of good places to sleep there."

Whoops. And then he faltered. That was right… He was kind of avoiding sleep. How did he forget? He rubbed his eyes frantically, hoping he didn’t look too tired before rushing on.

"We, um… Just save the world, I guess. Mostly Mario. I stay at home a lot… I’m kind of a wimp." He smiled at Sonic somewhat bashfully.


Amaterasu barked again, tail picking up a bit of speed. Yes, that was a definite yes on understanding human speech. (She would use it too, if only she could access her Celestial form again…)

Her markings? Ah, so the green man could see her markings as well! Ammy vaguely wondered if he believed in the gods or if he was a strong entity of sorts himself… His hand was quite welcome on her fur, if the happy white and thumping ink-tail was anything to go by.

Luigi took that to mean ‘yes’. Well, that was a good thing, then! At least someone on one end could understand the other. Hopefully he would be able to pick up on what she meant. He guessed she was pretty intelligent, though even with that she reminded him of someone…

He scratched behind her ears, smiling, and then stifling a yawn. “Sorry. Kinda tired,” he confessed to her. Animals were always so much easier to talk to than humans were, and it made him speak to them more; something he wouldn’t say to his brother, he would be fine with saying to say, a cat. Animals couldn’t judge, right? “Are ya hungry? I might have some food on me…”


"Nice t’ meet cha. Everyone keeps tellin’ me about this ‘Mario' guy but I still haven't met him.”


"But, uh, you’re from the Mushroom Kingdom right?"

"Corrrrrrrect!" Luigi giggled. "Yep, that’s where we’re from. We live someways near the outskirts of Toad Town, which is the town that surrounds Mushroom Kingdom’s castle. The Mushroom Kingdom’s not the only kingdom around, though — there’s the Beanbean Kingdom, Pi’illo Kingdom, Sarasaland, and all sorts of others that Mario and I haven’t even been to.”

"It’s kind of a shame y’haven’t met my bro! He’s the best bro ever, and he’s gotten along with all of your alternates. Maybe you’ll get to see him someday?"